Sofa v Taverners 2011

LtoR: Ben, Jobbers, Ralph & Jarrod (clearly some pre match adjustment is required)

Dev bowling & Bernie Thys

Jonnie Irwin scrambles back. Hendo works on his crickety expression.

Catherine Dalton and blurry Tom

Hendo exercising his tongue ready for batting, Captain Dan marshalling his troops & Bernie

Catherine Dalton (bowled by Tom) & Hendo

Tom bowling (and blurry Will)

Manny doing an excellent Murali impression & Jonnie Irwin

Hendo fails to run out Bernie – this would prove crucial! (#trottsfault)

Dan remonstrates! (hehe!)

Aatif batting with Dan & Hendo

Hendo spots a spider

Aatif. Clearly subscribes to the same “tongue as batting aid” theory as Hendo.

Hendo gathers the ball (BBC should sign him up for SCD with that footwork!)

Has Manny had enough??

In a flap!

One of my personal favourites from the day. Nigel. I’m not posting the photo before!

Top fielding from Ralph. What’s he doing here?!

Here comes Jarrod….

Think he means business! Aatif pretends to be an umpire!

The obligatory fist pump! They’ve been watching too much county cricket. Bernie and Paul Robin. Jonnie and Ralph possibly snigger at the bowler….

Hendo certainly does!

Jarrod looks less impressed….

Another “best cricket expression of the day” contender from Hendo. Bernie batting.

I’d like to extend Bernie a personal thank you for giving me some *proper* cricket to photograph!

Some of the Taverners watching. Gordon Kennedy, Mervyn Ramsey, Mark Dolan, Harwood (a Tav for the day) & Jack Cohen. Catherine in the background sensibly disassociating herself for the moment!

The Bear (Nigel – not in the bushes…..)

Bernie (nice shot!)

The Sofa chaps celebrate a wicket: Jobbers, Dev, Nigel, (Tavs umpire Aatif), Ben’s cap, Will, Dan, Tom & Jarrod’s legs

Jack batting & Hendo

Bernie & Hendo

Ben athletically runs Jack out. (*note to self* another time the next frame might be an idea….)

Gordon Kennedy bowling. A Scotsman – who’d have thought it?!

Will batting & Jonnie

Hendo looking quite fresh (still the first over) & Jonnie

Hendo (still looking quite lively, second over in)

Bernie can field too!

Jarrod after no-balling Aatif’s first ball!

Indignant Aatif!

Ralph shouts the loudest

Umpire Manny checking that front foot & Aatif bowling

Hendo in the third over. Looking less impressed at having to bat with young fit lads

Tongue still working nicely, though. Hendo & Jonnie

Hendo & Jonnie. The former starting to gasp rather more audibly now.

Ralph waits for the slow ball… Jonnie & blurry Paul.

The Taverners celebrate dispatching Ralph to the Pavilion (and the beer – who was laughing then!)

Jobbers (hope I’m spelling that correctly!)

Flying Jonnie Irwin

Jobbers considers calling for oxygen for Hendo. Manny sniggers in the background.

Hendo – still capable of a last yahoo

Hendo “bat waves” quite marvellously after he is finally dismissed – county cricketers could learn a thing or two from his technique here.

And collapse! Jarrod calls for “medicine”. Ralph mocks!

Hendo musters some strength…

And all is well again.

Ben’s turn to hit out. Jonnie & Gordon also in shot.

Bernie fluffs this one (good effort, actually)

Nice handwork, Merv! Manny ponders his next barb…

Merv bowling. Manny behind (not a euphemism!)

Fab catch by Mark!

He can’t quite believe it either! Catherine helps celebrate.

His team look pleased….

It brings Dan to the crease! Not sure which of Dan’s hats is more amusing…

Be afraid, Dan, be very afraid! Paul (easily winning fiercest expression of the day) about to bowl.

Dan digs out the first and middles the second!

Boom! Ben again.

Not sure I could do justice to captioning Harwood here! Manny umpiring still.

Harwood bowls Dan!

Jonnie looks quite pleased.

The teams: Test Match Sofa and the once again victorious Middlesex branch of the Lord’s Taverners

Alleyn & Honor Oak Cricket Club, Dulwich, London, 4 September 2011

© Sarah Ansell



  1. Love the one of Hendo’s sweep attempt. For some reason, it looks like he’s trying an Eoin Morganesque scoop.

    Comment by Rob T — September 7, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

  2. I quite like Manny’s bowling, he looks like he is trying to replicate Murali, especially that facial expression 😉


    Comment by Yvonne Photo — September 7, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

  3. They are fantastic, my own favourite is the Jarrod “Teapot” Bowling Technique photo…

    Comment by Matt Jones — September 7, 2011 @ 5:57 pm

  4. lovely photos ,in particular hendo at the crease,blazing away,dan being bowled parts 1 and 2 ,and nigel bowling ,a reminder to all that cricket is the only sport where you stop for lunch and tea ,long may that continue and god bless the man who invented polyester

    Comment by sg clayton — September 8, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

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