Taken by Ella on her very little camera (Summer 2009)


I am a freelance sports and events photographer.  My friend Jarrod of cricket with balls suggested back in 2009 that I should have a blog for my cricket photos, so SarahCanterbury was born. I hadn’t been photographing cricket very long and that’s very evident here. I cringe when looking at anything pre 2013…

In 2014 I created my website Sarah Ansell Photography and this blog is now effectively a personal record of my beginnings as a sports photographer, shooting county and then international cricket.


My first published photograph

Me at Lord's CB40 Final day 2011 1 (no floodlight) IMG_8060-2

Taken at Lord’s, September 2011.

Sarah Ansell

Spring 2014

Please note: all images on the website are copyrighted. No unauthorised reproduction. All rights reserved.



  1. Good stuff Sarah of Canterbury. Commissions will only be a matter of time now.

    Comment by Jon — September 13, 2009 @ 4:39 pm

  2. Yay Sarah – glad I’m not the only one suggesting you show more photo’s. I hope you get some work now!

    Comment by Mark Edwards — September 21, 2009 @ 9:48 am

  3. Thank you both. Know I’ll need to upgrade my kit if I am to try & take this beyond a hobby, so this blog is a way of gauging reaction to my photos. Lovely to receive some positive comments! Much to ponder over the winter!

    Comment by sarahcanterbury — September 21, 2009 @ 9:57 am

  4. Hi Sarah
    Great pics as always. I was wondering whether you’d be able to give me a bit of camera advice. I am after a cheapie digital (around £100-150) easy to carry round, nice big screen etc. I was very fond of my old Casio Exilim a few years ago and nothing has matched up since so may just go back to that. Anyway, could you email me so that we could discuss (it’s so hard on Twitter with the limited characters).
    Go Joe tomorrow!

    Comment by Chris — September 24, 2009 @ 9:15 pm

  5. Great pics Sarah. Have seen you snapping away at Canterbury. Great to see you sharing them with everyone. Would be interested in purchasing a copy of Jarre batting for my 8 yr old Dominic. Then would like to get it signed for his birthday.

    Comment by frank — September 24, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

    • Thank you, Frank! I’ll email you shortly.

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — September 24, 2009 @ 10:45 pm

  6. Only just found this! Excellent idea – will add to favourites forthwith!

    Comment by Mel — September 27, 2009 @ 11:09 pm

  7. You know I think your pics are great – hope you find some others to post during the long winter!

    Comment by Ian — September 29, 2009 @ 8:57 am

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Images are looking great. Pleased to see so many positive comments from others.



    Comment by Paul J Westerman — October 16, 2009 @ 12:46 pm

  9. Beautiful Pics. Keep up the good work

    Comment by ravi — October 18, 2009 @ 6:29 pm

  10. Good luck with this Sarah, you know I always thought you should go for it and take your photo’s a step further, as they are so amazing, and am really glad to see you are. Take care. x

    Comment by Kathie — October 27, 2009 @ 7:21 pm

  11. Really good photos. Do you ever got to any Lord’s Taverners games to take photos? We can arrange it for next year if you like.

    Excellent stuff.


    Comment by Mervyn Ramsay — October 28, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

  12. Hey Sarah was pointed in this direction by a friend today. Could you drop me an email please

    Comment by Em — November 12, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

  13. Found my way here from Iain O’Brien’s blog, and I love love love your work, especially the closeups and portraits. I’ve been taking pictures as a hobby for a few years now and those are probably what I’m worst at, so I’m awestruck and not a little envious at the quality of yours! Perhaps we’ll be able to see some more of IOB on here after he moves to England? I’m so sad that he’s retiring!

    Comment by reina — December 7, 2009 @ 8:02 am

  14. Some nice pics – excellent stuff.

    Comment by Mark — January 2, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

  15. Sarah..

    Please contact me!

    Comment by Alan — January 5, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

  16. Hi Sarah, Greetings from Sussex, liking your work! good to see alternate angles etc. Think you have a great ground to work with at St Lawrence, especially without that pesky tree. (!) I have a bit of an interest in photography, I have a Kodak Z915 that is awesome as a digital compact.

    Comment by ceejaypee — January 17, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

  17. Hi Sarah,

    Love your work. You sure are talented! I can’t wait to see your pics this season of Kent CCC.

    Can I ask for a request? How about pictures of some of the Man City players (especially Senor Tevez!)

    Comment by Derek W — January 30, 2010 @ 10:03 am

  18. Would just like to say that whilst I don’t routinely reply here, I obviously read all the posts and greatly appreciate people taking the time to make comments. It’s always lovely to read that people like my photos, so huge thanks!

    @Derek – you’ll not be surprised to hear I shall ignore that cheeky request!!

    Comment by sarahcanterbury — January 30, 2010 @ 11:55 am

  19. Hi Sarah,

    great work on the blog. its been a while since ive been doing to the cricket blogging rounds. great to see you setting this up.

    could you pls give me a link back as well. ive already added you. all the best !

    Comment by damiths — February 5, 2010 @ 12:55 am

  20. If i wanted to buy your work it is so so , difficult to contact you , what is your Email!
    do you have a web site?

    Comment by colin kebell — March 7, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

  21. Hi again Sarah. Please contact me regarding a commission.

    Comment by alan — March 8, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

  22. From behind you look like 16 year old blonde holding a camera 😉 well jokes a part, it’s lovely cricket photography blogging…

    Comment by Yasser — March 13, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

  23. Hi,
    backtracked your link from JRod’s CWB.

    Would you like to join a cricket webring ?
    (Its an amateur project.)
    We do not have a photoblog, its all text text and text with few pictures as afterthoughts. It would be brilliant to have your photoblog. To add the much needed visuals.

    Comment by ©hinaman — March 16, 2010 @ 1:34 am

  24. Hi Sarah,
    Just wondering if you had anymore of me in the Loughborough game?


    Comment by Fabian Cowdrey — April 21, 2010 @ 7:53 pm

    • Hi Fabian,

      I do indeed! I actually got your Dad’s email address from Jamie Reid today, so will email those to you shortly. Hope you like them!

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — April 21, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

  25. Hi Sarah
    I look at Kent Bulletin board regularly and certainly one piece of news snuck past me: You are offical Kent CCC Phtographer. Totally agree with Nigel W. You are probably Kent’s best signing of the past 2 seasons!
    I’m in betweeen jobs at the mo. Have not been able to renew this year as it is expensive, money is tight blah, blah, blah. Would love to get down this season, but is a litle unlikely. Both my boys can join for nothing, but not much good when I can’t get there! Steve(with Todd the dog)is keeping me informed about the games. Keep up the good work. Here’s hoping I find a nest egg somewhere and get to Canterbury to watch the best county!

    Comment by Frank Butler — April 29, 2010 @ 11:13 am

  26. Hi Sarah
    having spent many a year as a professional photography
    get your self talking to a few sports photo agency’s (libraries)
    most in London but a good one in Scarborough of all places.
    good luck Neil

    Comment by Neil Thorpe — April 29, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

  27. Hi Sarah,
    Just wondering if you got any pictures of me in the dugout on the 11th, 2020 vs middlesex? Or maybe me running the drinks on?

    If so, any chance you could send them to this email address?

    Many Thanks

    Comment by fabian — June 13, 2010 @ 3:45 pm

  28. Hi Sarah,

    Found your blog through JRod’s blog. It’ll now be on my list of frequently checked blogs. Great photos…

    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Ali Brohi — June 30, 2010 @ 1:29 am

  29. Do you not have dranonian entry conditions in England? The Cricket Australia web site specifically bans cameras with a focal length of 200mm or more. I intend to sneak my new camera into Bellerive Oval for Australia v England in January regardless.

    Comment by Mad Dan eccles — October 12, 2010 @ 11:25 am

    • I have needed to sneak my 200mm lens into grounds for Test matches and Finals Day (didn’t even attempt to get my 300mm in) but for normal county matches it’s not been a problem – plus I had an ECB Press Pass for this season, so it wasn’t an issue. Will hopefully be smuggling in the 200mm lens when I go to the WACA and the MCG!

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — October 12, 2010 @ 11:31 am

  30. very nice pictures and interesting angles
    you certainly have the flair!

    Comment by itzzamit — October 15, 2010 @ 7:50 pm

  31. Hi Sarah,

    Amazing photos from this Ashes series, simply stunning!

    I was just after some advice – what camera and lens do you use? My cricket club would like to produce a photo blog starting from next season.

    Would a Sony NEX-5 with 18-55mm lens be capable? Please follow us on tiwtter… @eversholtcc

    Keep up the good work!


    Comment by Jake Nichols — December 18, 2010 @ 11:49 am

    • Hi Jake,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. They are much appreciated!(as indeed are those by everyone else).
      I’ve listed my camera kit in the blurb bit above. The Ashes photos on this trip have been taken with the Canon 7D and 70-200mm 1:4fl lens (Cricket Australia don’t permit the general public to use lenses any bigger than that). I think you’ll struggle with a 18-55mm lens as a range of 200mm is probably the absolute minimum for cricket photos – as far as I’m aware, the top professionals use 600mm lenses with an extender, so effectively 800mm. Sorry that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.
      Really glad you like the photos – not sure I’ll be able to replicate them at the MCG – my lens probably won’t cope as it’s a much bigger ground. Guess it will depend on where I’m sitting.
      Cheers and thanks again!

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — December 19, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

  32. Love your work. Fellow female cricketer here attatched to Durham CCC

    Comment by aperturenortheast — January 26, 2011 @ 9:06 am

    • Thank you! Have just peeped at your new blog – you sound like the Northern me, even down to the gulls! Look forward to you posting there.

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — January 26, 2011 @ 10:02 am

  33. Marvelous action photographs! I am a bit tired of the celebrations (and other such inaction 🙂 photographs) that dominate the sports pages these days. This blog is hence very refreshing!

    Comment by adverbin — January 31, 2011 @ 5:52 am

  34. Love your blog Sarah! Please put up some more pictures taken with your telephoto lens, I’d like to see how they turn out.

    Comment by Roy — February 2, 2011 @ 7:26 pm

  35. Hi Sarah, awesome Blog! As an amateur photographer myself your story is inspiring, you must feel like your feet have been swept from under you, going from amateur to official photographer in such a short space of time!

    One of my questions was going to be about what kit you have but you’ve already answered that above.

    Keep up the good work!

    Karl – 300D & canon 75mm – 300mm (I really want to upgrade this!)

    Comment by Karl Graham — April 14, 2011 @ 10:13 am

  36. Dear Sarah

    Its good to see that you have tried your hands on everything before settling down as sports photorapher. I must congratulate you on your journey and what you have achieved. You 300mm 2.8F lens and ECB accrediation does wonders too which is evident from Latest England Vs India test match at Oval (as a matter of fact i was there too, ofcourse not in photographers pod) it was a great timeout with plenty of Sunshine for crispy shots specially on 5th Day 🙂

    Best of luck to you and keep going, if you like you can have a peak into my flicker page to see what i have been up to.

    Best Regards

    Comment by Pavan Bali — August 30, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

  37. Great photos throughout – particularly the wide post Tresco wicket one from the other week. Congratulations on The Times pic too – stunning.

    Comment by lhourahane — September 25, 2011 @ 8:50 am

  38. Hoping you get to the States again to take some great pics of our Texas Rangers… but whilst your’e in Blighty get yourself to Anfield and take some pics of the real Superstars! 😉

    Comment by Neil — November 28, 2011 @ 3:06 pm

    • Ha, the superstars I’d want to photograph are not at Anfield… Photographers need a license to shoot football, Neil, so there’s actually more chance of me photographing the Rangers at the moment. Maybe one day!

      Comment by sarahcanterbury — November 28, 2011 @ 3:11 pm

      • Oh no…. are you seriously still a Utd fan!? Best you stick to cricket then! 🙂

        Comment by Neil — November 28, 2011 @ 10:17 pm

  39. Hi Sarah

    Is it possible for you to email me on – you have amazing shots of our players and ground….would love to use some of them

    Comment by Jasmine — March 15, 2012 @ 10:23 am

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